Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tumblr this week

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I could add so many more but my recording of New Girl is calling me, ADOIS AMIGOS!

My week in photos.


Me in my topshop hotpants and abc river island top, dont be fooled I didn't wear these out in the weather this week! My cake I made last weekend, it was lush. I did some zebra print nails to brightern up my tuesday. My mum made some shortbread and I iced then like an indie. And me and my family went on a long walk. So that was my week how was yours?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Its a new year

Sorry for the lack of blog material but I've just had a lot of college work at the moment but I've finished my AS psychology exam now so I've only got coursework and photography to do untill later on in the year- yaya!
Anywho, I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year at home with my folks. Got lots of CDs, books, chocolates and a Bridesmaids dvd, which I'm about to rewatch for the 100000000th time, mwahaha.

So, I've decided I have a few pieces I definatly want to buy this year, hopefully..

Doc Martens

Wulfrun - Suede Roundtoe Creeper ShoesWulfrun - Suede / Leopard Print Roundtoe D-Ring Lace-up Brothel Creepers

Short White Converse

Black Vans

Topshop Baxter Jeans

Topshop Crop Tops

Pwease world give me money.